Are you looking for a dynamic, effective workout plan that produces fast results? Are you low on time, without a consistent space; a stay at home parent; or do you feel uncomfortable going to a gym or group classes? Then our custom designed online workout is for you! Receive daily workouts that fit your schedule, space, & fitness level, along with nutritional & wellness guidance & plenty of positive motivation.  If you are ready to make a positive decision for your health  then sign up now for your free 7 day trial.  Click below to get started.

Pure Body Burn is now online, on demand, 24/7 to meet all your fitness needs!  Choose from Upper & Lower Body Workouts, Awesome Ab & Core sets, High & Medium Intensity Workouts, Workouts for flexibility, spine & joint health and of course our signature Pure Body Burn "micro movement" workouts for the total body.  Also coming soon "Cardio Dance Party" and Pure "Booty" Burn. With BODY BURN ON DEMAND you will have no shortage of fun, creative &effective workouts. We've got you covered!  Click below for a special offer.

Fitness journeys can be exciting but can often end up boring & frustrating. Many people have great ambitions on their journey, but get stuck or do not know how to proceed.  However, hopeless the situation might seem; all it takes, is a change of perspective and a little encouragement to move you forward.  Let us help you move passed the mental blockages that keep you from your greatest goals and bring forth the powerful, limitless YOU!  Sign up for your free consultation by clicking below.

Mpire Fitness is a DBA company of Luckymel Global Enterprises is Sri Lanka

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