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Hello friends and thank you so much for visiting our site.  I am the owner and founder of Mpire Fitness and the creator of the signature exercise method PURE BODY BURN.

I am  fitness trainer, wellness coach and group class instructor from the United States based in Colombo, Sri Lanka.  For over 10 years I have had the pleasure of training women and men of all ages and fitness levels from dancers to athletes to people working out for the first time.  For all, my goal is to improve their fitness level but more importantly the quality of their life,

Allow me to assist YOU on YOUR fitness journey.  Are you ready to come alive; To feel young again?  Are you ready to discover your limitless potential?  Ok then. let's get super fit together.  Click Below.



Here is where the fun begins.  Choose the workout that best suits your workout goals.  We understand that more than one of these choices may apply, but choose what is your highest priority.    Are you ready?  Start your FREE TRIAL today!.


Are you looking for a dynamic, effective workout plan that produces fast results? Are you low on time, without a consistent space or a stay at home parent? Then our custom designed online workout is for you! Receive daily workouts that fit your schedule, space, and fitness level, along with nutritional and wellness guidance and plenty of positive motivation!  Sound good?  Then sign up now for your free 7 day trial.

If you are in the Colombo, Sri Lanka area, join us for our PURE BODY BURN. This is Mpire Fitness's signature group class where we use our technique called "micro-movement",  to tone your body and strengthen your core.  This class is for all ages, genders and fitness levels.  All moves are "no impact" so it's safe on your body.  You'll sweat, you'll have fun AND you will see results in just 5 sessions or less.

If you live in the Colombo, Sri Lanka area, sign up today and receive truly personalized fitness training with workouts that are custom designed to your unique needs and goals.  Together, we will help you achieve results quickly, safely and we'll have fun along the way.

fully booked


In just 6 classes I could see the changes in my body, thighs and arms.  I also felt healthier and more energized.


Pure Body Burn Group Classes

"I am 50 and never worked out a day in my life. I went from a size 16 to size 6 in 5 months!"


Pure Body Burn Workout

"I'm so happy with my results", I lost  29cm off my body & 4.7kg in just 1 month!


Mpire Cyber Workout

Join us at Mpire Fitness for one of our awesome workout options and these stories will become YOUR stories.  Hit "GO" when you are ready.

Melissa Ann Fisher


Colombo, Sri Lanka

Mobile:  +94 76 567 2727

Please text first and I will return your call as soon as possible.  Please consider the time difference.

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Mpire Fitness is a DBA company of Luckymel Global Enterprises is Sri Lanka

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